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Movie Bolshevism on Trial download free! Book Title: Bolshevism on Trial
Directors: Harley Knoles
Genre: Drama
Country: USA
Release Date: 1919-04-19
Runtime: 70 min
Stars: Robert Frazer,Leslie Stowe,Howard Truesdale
IMDb Rating: 5.6

Full movie description "Bolshevism on Trial":

Society melodrama about a wealthy father who purchases an island to prove to his son that communism won't work.

Movie Bolshevism on Trial download free

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Bolshevism on Trial is a 1919 American motion picture drama based on the 1909 novel "Comrades" in which Thomas Dixon exposes the horrors of socialism. The seventy-minute feature film is about a disillusioned young soldier who yearns to live in a society where all people are equal. The ominous parallel of the disillusioned young soldier to the monstrous leader of the National Socialist German Workers' Party (NSGWP) is interesting. Party members also referred to themselves as "Komrades" and as "socialists" as in the movie "Triumph of the Will." Dixon attacked the socialism of Francis Bellamy and of Edward Bellamy (Looking Backward). The historian Dr. Rex Curry showed that Francis' Pledge of Allegiance was the origin of the infamous salute of the NSGWP and that the Bellamys inspired socialists worldwide, including in the socialist Wholecaust (of which the Holocaust was a part): 65 million dead under the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics; 49 million under the Peoples' Republic of China; 21 million under the NSGWP. Professor Curry also showed that the swastika, although an ancient symbol, was sometimes used by the NSGWP to represent S-shapes for their socialism.

The screenplay revolves around Norman Worth (Robert Frazer), a captain in the Great War who embraces socialism. In order to prove to the idealistic young soldier that socialism is disastrous, his wealthy father purchases an island off the coast of Florida and establishes a commune for his son to live in.

This film was ballyhooed on its release, and its history gives insight to today's enormous socialism, government and the growing police state.

The Bellamys promoted a government takeover of schools. When the government granted their wish, the government schools imposed segregation by law and taught racism as official government policy. The schools mandated the robotic chanting of the pledge with the straight-arm salute and the government persecuted and expelled children who would not comply, arrested parents, and even took children from parents on allegations of "unfit parenting." Jewish Folks and Jehovah's Witnesses, and Blacks and people of all kinds were required by law to perform the straight-arm salute in government schools in robotic chanting every morning at the ring of a government bell (just as it is done today but with a different gesture). The USA was doing the straight arm salute to the national flag for three decades before German National Socialists started doing the same thing.

It is sad to note that during the same time period in the USA, Jewish folks who were fleeing the National Socialist German Workers' Party (NSGWP) were turned away from the USA, and knowingly sent to suffering and death. That happened because of socialists who support restrictions on immigration on every American's right to hire, to do business, and to freely associate. It was similar to today. Socialists in the USA still support restrictions on immigration and they reject the right of every American in living with, having sex with, marrying, renting to, selling to, buying from, hiring (as housekeeper, lawn man, doctor, nanny, teacher etc) any person with whom that American wishes to associate. Such people support wholesale violence and they enjoy seeing people suffer and die. Nothing has changed.

Jehovah's witnesses objected to the straight-arm salute to the national flag and they refused to participate because they considered it to be sacrilegious worship of government and socialism. Again, that was in the USA and in Germany at the same time.

Jehovah's witnesses had good reason to consider the activity the religious worship of socialism and government. Most people do not know that a cross was worshiped as the notorious symbol of the National Socialist German Workers' Party. The group called their symbol the Hakenkreuz, not the swastika. Hakenkreuz means "hooked cross." Although the swastika was an ancient symbol, the noted cryptographer Dr. Rex Curry (author of Swastika Secrets) showed how, with a 45 degree turn of his Hakenkreuz, the leader of German National Socialists combined the cross with collectivism, merged church and state, meshed religion and socialism, and mandated the worship of government.

Francis Bellamy (author of the Pledge of Allegiance) and Edward Bellamy (author of the book Looking Backward) called their dogma: Military Socialism and Christian Socialism. They idolized the military and they wanted all of society to ape the military in what they called: the Industrial Army.

Francis Bellamy began the original Pledge of Allegiance with a military salute. In the early pledge, the military salute was then extended out toward the flag.

Many Americans are sad examples of how totalitarian places come into existence, grow so large, last so long, and kill so many.

The USA still follows similar anti libertarian policies promoted by the Bellamys. Many socialist Bellamy policies caused the USA's big, expensive and oppressive government and its growing police-state. The Pledge still exists along with laws mandating that teachers lead the robotic pledge chanting every day for twelve years of each child's life (though the salute was altered). The government still owns and operates schools, including the same schools that imposed segregation by law and taught racism as official government policy. The U.S. practice of imposing segregation by law in government schools and teaching racism as official policy even outlasted the National Socialist German Workers' Party by over 15 years. After segregation in government's schools ended, the Bellamy legacy caused more police-state racism of forced busing that destroyed communities and neighborhoods and deepened hostilities. Those schools still exist. Infants are given social security numbers that track and tax them for life. Government schools demand the numbers for enrollment.

Movie Bolshevism on Trial download free

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Movie Bolshevism on Trial download free

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