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Movie Criminal Minds The Boys of Sudworth Place download free! Book Title: Criminal Minds The Boys of Sudworth Place
Directors: Laura Belsey
Genre: Crime, Drama, Mystery, Thriller
Country: USA
Language: English
Release Date: 2014-11-19
Runtime: 40 min
Stars: Joe Mantegna,Shemar Moore,Matthew Gray Gubler
IMDb Rating: 6.6

Full movie description "Criminal Minds The Boys of Sudworth Place":

The BAU is called to Boston, Massachusetts, where former prosecutor turned defense attorney Jack Westbrook has just been abducted in a convenience store parking lot. He was in the process of a 911 call to report his car being vandalized at that very moment when he was abducted, which to the team means that he is probably still alive and that his abduction was targeted by the vandal. From the sounds on the 911 call recording, they can tell that there are at least two unsubs. In speaking to his seven month pregnant wife Linda and looking at his background, they see that he has led a model life including a 94% win rate, but could easily be a target of those few he was unable to get off, or in turn those that he formerly prosecuted. However, in digging a little deeper, they find that Jack has led a secret life, most specifically in the form of an apartment unknown to Linda, which they assume is a love nest. But what that secret life entails takes a turn and explains the reason for the man...

Movie Criminal Minds The Boys of Sudworth Place download free

Reviews of the Criminal Minds The Boys of Sudworth Place

Season 10 has been an inconsistent season. There have been outstanding episodes like "Nelson's Sparrow" and "Mr Scratch" (two of the best 'Criminal Minds' episodes in recent years, also remember "A Thousand Suns" and "Rock Creek Park" being good but they need re-watches).

At the same time, there have also been episodes like "If the Shoe Fits", that was strange in a bad way, and where there are great ideas and concepts executed poorly like "Hashtag", "Burn" and this. If remembered correctly, the episode was originally meant to be titled "The Boys of Sutton Place", but it was changed to "The Boys of Sudworth Place" for legal reasons, don't take my word as gospel though.

There are good things about "The Boys of Sudworth Place". 'Criminal Minds' has always been a well-made visually show, and that is true of this episode too, with a stylish and moody look to the photography and lighting. The music is also quite atmospheric, and there are good moments in the script, especially some of Jack Westbrook's lines which do chill the bone and Kate doing a "Reid" on Rossi with the football statistic (something you do not expect to come out of Kate, no wonder Rossi was caught by surprise). In the limited amount of place he has Rossi's sass also comes through, the line about people seemingly perfect having skeletons buried in the closet sums up the episode and the character of Jack perfectly.

Very good acting is another virtue. The regulars do do what they can, Joe Mantegna commands the screen really well and Shemar Moore movingly shows Morgan's vulnerabilities when remembering his painful past. Not usually a fan of Jennifer Love Hewitt, but she did have some good moments here especially in that piece of dialogue with Rossi. In support, Garrett Boyd succeeds in making one feel sympathy for him even though he is a criminal himself, while Jeffrey Nordling disappears into the role of Jack and makes him a quite repellent human being and one of the show's most despicable victims.

Regarding JJ's scene with the wife, some have said that her actions were cruel, not to me. It was good that JJ is closer to the sympathetic profiler of the earlier seasons than the out of character condescending and ninja warrior-like JJ when she returned, it's only recently that she's come closer to what she was like before. And bear in mind that the team weren't just speculating, they had proof, plus the wife would have found out at some point anyway.

However, the abduction idea has been done here much better on 'Criminal Minds' with more excitement, suspense and surprises. There was a lack of suspense, the episode does have its dull spots and it was clear very early on that Jack was not what he seemed. While a mostly great job was done making the character despicable, Jack also makes a couple of stupid decisions, especially at the start where he should have just called the police and done nothing else and even worse is the scene with Brian where knowing how vulnerable Brian is at this point he practically baits him into committing what he does next.

"The Boys of Sudworth Place" is also disappointing in that it is too unsub-heavy and consequently the team feel secondary to the plot and really there was not much use for them. There was also too much reliance on Garcia's computer providing all the answers and not enough of the profiling and team work which further adds to the uselessness. The case had a potentially harrowing and poignant subject matter that could have turned stomachs. Because the story is lacking in key ingredients, despite how good a job was done with Jack on the whole, it wasn't quite enough of either. Also felt that only Brian of the unsubs was interesting the other two were a little bland due to not being as developed.

Morgan and Garcia's flirtatious banter chockfull of innuendos are getting increasingly cringe-worthy and annoying, and in serious need of a toning down, plus it added absolutely nothing. The deaths also lacked build-up and feel random in placement, the climax felt disjointed and there was no need for the last scene foreshadowing the story arc later on in the season, that just felt like a clumsy way of exploring Kate's home life. Generally there is not enough of Reid and Rossi, and once again Hotch is side-lined to invisibility.

Overall, great idea, poorly executed though not without its moments. 4/10 Bethany Cox

Movie Criminal Minds The Boys of Sudworth Place download free

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Movie Criminal Minds The Boys of Sudworth Place download free

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