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Movie Mad Men Person to Person download free! Book Title: Mad Men Person to Person
Directors: Matthew Weiner
Genre: Drama
Country: USA
Language: English
Release Date: 2015-05-17
Runtime: 56 min
Stars: Jon Hamm,Elisabeth Moss,Vincent Kartheiser
IMDb Rating: 9.3

Full movie description "Mad Men Person to Person":

Many from Sterling Cooper are still evaluating their new lives at McCann Erickson and deciding if there is a future for them there. Roger makes two decisions in his personal life, one relating to his legacy. Pete has decided to start a new life with Trudy and Tammy in Wichita by taking the lucrative Lear Jet job. Peggy believes she's settling into her new McCann Erickson life, despite not finding the environment as easy to maneuver within as it was at Sterling Cooper. Peggy's professional path takes a possible turn with an offer by Joan, who seizes upon an opportunity initiated by Ken to reinvent her professional self. That new professional life may be at odds with Joan's personal life with Richard. What Peggy decides to do professionally may be influenced by a personal revelation that blindsides her. And Don is still traveling the country in his post-McCann retirement life. While doing some speed driving on the Bonneville Salt Flats, he finds out about Betty's terminal lung cancer ...

Movie Mad Men Person to Person download free

Reviews of the Mad Men Person to Person

I first stumbled upon Mad Men a couple of months after the pilot was screened on AMC and I remember feeling quite disappointed. It took me about half a season to sink my teeth in, to be able to comprehend the sad, impenetrable silence that lingered behind a seemingly full and colorful world of 1960s New York. To be able to fully grasp the golden era of America and see through its fickle facade a lingering sorrow and vulnerable human beings who viciously search for real human contact while trying to cope with the new world, which, in all its turbulence, they barely had time to comprehend.

After some time I acknowledged that a lost generation is growing up right in front of my eyes. A generation that, despite the prosperity in which it grew up, feels uneasy and internally disconnected. For them, it was a continuous, never-ending coming-of-age story; the characters of Mad men were progressing in a spiral pattern; their endeavors always led them one, or maybe half a step higher, but never did they substantially change their adopted behaviors. They all lived in a kind of cycle, but were, every once in a while, able to step out of it in order to learn something about themselves, about the newly emerging logic of materialism, about how one influences the other.

When talking about Mad men and its characters, we can talk about "leaps of faith" and "moments of elevated consciousness". Both of these mental states were shown numerously throughout the show, but never felt coherent with the rest of the happening. Then, it was like a character stepped out of his typical world into another one, into a world of dreams, longing, and conscience about the self. Sometimes it happened in pairs; when two seemingly different people collectively realized that they both have inner ghosts and silently acknowledged them; aligning them, making them feel all right.

In a way, Mad men always felt like an inevitable tragedy. Even the main premise is tragic; a bunch of advertisers living and working in high-end New York, amidst the turbulent uprise of materialism, trying to define their own personal freedom. Personal freedom is certainly a great new acquisition of the 20th century, one however can't get past the fact that by acquiring this freedom, an individual has to invest much into harnessing it and making sure that it does not obstruct freedoms of other people. In that way, I feel, all the Mad men characters are tragic, because (despite their wonderful individual stories, written beautifully by Matthew Weiner and co-writers) they were "pushed" into a seemingly flawless society which they weren't able to quite comprehend and face its possible dark sides. Sally Draper, for instance, is a representation of the next generation, a generation which holds a different kind of conscience, a rebellious one, one that condemns mischiefs that grown-ups get tangled into; but Sally knows that she will have to gradually learn to accept those mischiefs, understand them and reconciliate with those who committed them.

Deleted past, on the other hand, is the counterpart to the notions of good-looking future, to which Mad men characters are subjected. Many of the characters, first and foremost Donald Draper, are searching for their identities in the past that nobody wants to remember, in the turbulent era of wars and political upheavals. The concept of memories and the past incidentally connects the individual stories of Mad men characters to the broader theme, advertising. What is the past? How are we connected to it? How to forget the past? Should we forget the past at all? And furthermore: how can past be made beautiful when we slightly distort it? Is it moral to distort it?

As much as these people, professional advertisers, try to distort the reality of the products they sell, they are, at the same time, completely subconsciously, also distorting their own reality, their past. The media is a slippery field and 1960s meant the uprising of the media and the knowledge of how it can be used to deceive people into buying things. Mad Men faces us with the ultimate contradiction: a modern western man feels entitled to individual freedom but at the same time feels the need to distort the very nature of his individuality (when connecting to various products and life-styles), the need to make sense of things while swimming in a never-ending pond of optimistic notions mixed up with distorted history.

After seeing the last episode of Mad men, I felt like I lost some good friends. It was a great show, and I feel like it's still lasting. It felt so alive, so in tune with some of my own feelings, but also posing some important questions about the system I live in, a system that inevitably makes a human being feel like he's not supposed to be connected to other human beings or to himself. A system in which nothing really means anything and in which people, desperately trying to construct meaning, do all kinds of things to find it. The characters of Mad men, in a way, feel like my parents, the guinea pigs of a system based upon mindless spending, upon endlessly building beautiful facades to hide the vacuousness that permeates them, makes them rot.

But I, like Sally Draper, am not here to condemn it. I can only appreciate a show as versatile as Mad men, a show that is objective but still leaves some space for subtly making a statement. Past is always negotiable, if we only treat it fairly and try to understand it instead of diffusing it; as Don in the end realized, his identity is not Dick or Don or a "top- notch advertiser", but rather something less defined, more simple, something that stems from the present and is only partly connected to his past.

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Movie Mad Men Person to Person download free

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Movie Mad Men Person to Person download free

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